Q: What size are the teats?A: I stock 3 teat sizes and their dimensions are listed below 

Length   width deep
Silicone 43mm 30mm 18mm


Q: The teat on my new pacifier is smaller than my old one, are you sure you have sent me the right one?

A: Mistakes do happen but usually sending a larger one instead of the smaller but if you think that I have given you the wrong size please measure it and compare the size to the table in the question above. The reason your old teat is larger is that latex teats swell with use.

Q: What is a NUK 4 and NUK 5?

A: These are terms that are used by users of larger pacifiers to refer to NUK's Therapeutic trainer small and large as they are the next 2 sizes above the NUK 3 infant teat. The terms NUK 4 and NUK 5 are not terms used by NUK.

Q: How long will delivery take?

I aim to post any deliveries by the next working day but as I am a sole trader there may be occasional delays depending on my personal situations. 

Q: What will the packaging look like? What is on the customs label?

A: I send all my packaging in unbranded and in discreet packaging. Due to the nature of what is inside the packet they may be weird shapes but most people are unlikely able to guess what is inside by giving it a squeeze. 

For packages being sent outside the UK a customs label is needed which asks for a description of what is inside the packet, for this I write "novelty goods" 

Q: What if I don't like it? Will you accept a return?

I do accept returns but for sanitary reasons there are conditions on most items and you will have pay for postage. For most items they will need to be in original unopened packaging. If you wish to return an item contact me for more details.

Q: What is inside the teat? Are the teats solid or filled with air?

A: All the teats we supply are filled with air but some of the shields do seal the teat which produces a more solid feel to the teat. I am slowly producing videos to demonstrate how firm the teats are but as I have stock of hundreds of pacifiers this will take a long time but if you want to see the firmness of a specific pacifier please contact me.

Q: Are the pacifiers and/or teats genuine NUK branded?

A: Some of our stock is genuine NUK, this includes some of our shields and all the latex teats. 

Q: Do you supply teats other than the NUK 4, NUK 5 or Silicone? Do you have any larger teats?

A: Unfortunately I don't supply teats other than those listed at this time. I may expand what is available in the future but don't currently have plans to do so.

Q: Is there tax or VAT on these products?

A: I am a small trader which means that I am not required to be VAT registered so I don't charge any tax at the checkout but customs tax can be charged by your home country. For those in the EU this would be the VAT of your home country.